Panayiotis Kalorkoti

Born in Ayios Amvrossios, Cyprus
Moves to the United Kingdom and goes to school in London
1976-80Newcastle Upon Tyne University, B.A. (Hons) 1st Class in Fine Art
1982-85Royal College of Art, London, M.A. in Fine Art
1985Artist in Residence, West Yorkshire Playhouse
1986-87Koninklijke Akademie voor Kunst en Vormgeving, 's-Hertogenbosch
(Netherlands Government Scholarship)
1988Bartlett Fellow in the Visual Arts (Newcastle upon Tyne University)
Commissioned by the Imperial War Museum, London; People's Theatre, Newcastle
1989Commissioned by the Borough of Darlington; Borough of Hartlepool; The Grizedale Society (also commissioned in 1991 and 1992)
1989-90Commissioned by the National Garden Festival, Gateshead
1992Artist in Residence, Cleveland
1994Artist in Residence, The Grizedale Society
2000Trip to Australia on a Travel Grant
Year of the Artist Award
Berlin Project
Taught part-time and visiting lecturer at a number of Art Colleges

Public Collections

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; British Council; Imperial War Museum; Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle; University of Northumbria at Newcastle; Edinburgh University; Hatton Gallery, Newcastle University; Gray Art Gallery and Museum, Hartlepool; Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead; Durham County Council; Cleveland Gallery, Middlesbrough; Ministry of Education, Cyprus; Rank Xerox; IBM

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Recent Prints, Northumbria University Gallery
1981Paintings and Drawings, Bede Gallery, Jarrow
Homage to Goya & Recent Prints, Hendersons Gallery, Edinburgh
Paintings and Drawings, Bede Monastery Museum, Jarrow
Prints, Ceolfrith Gallery, Sunderland Arts Centre
Pentonville Gallery, London
1984People and Places, Abbot Hall Art Gallery and Museum, Kendal
1987Prints, The Minories, Colchester
Coloured Etchings, Steendrukkerij Amsterdam B.V.
Kalorkoti, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle and tour: Darlington Arts Centre; Gray Art Gallery and Museum, Hartlepool; Queen's Hall Arts Centre, Hexham (Catalogue - text by Eva Krabbe, 68 pages with 64 illustrations, 16 in colour)
A Retrospective of Etchings and Screenprints 1978-89, Imperial War Museum, London (Catalogue - text by Frank Whitford, 40 pages with 33 illustrations, 20 in colour) National Garden Festival Commission, 1990, National Garden Festival, Gateshead (Catalogue - text by Roger Wollen, 40 pages with 234 illustrations, 8 in colour)
A Retrospective View 1985-91, Design Works, Gateshead (Catalogue - text by Timothy Hyman, 32 pages with 46 illustrations, 44 in colour) Etchings and Drawings, Cleveland Gallery, Middlesbrough and tour: Steendrukkerij Amsterdam B.V. (Catalogue - text by Frank Van den Broeck, 72 pages with 93 illustrations, 48 in colour)
Retrospective (Etchings 1983-93), Gallery K, London and tour: Galerie Titanium, Athens (Catalogue - text by Roger Cardinal, 32 pages with 44 illustrations, 33 in colour)
1995Reflections of Grizedale (Acrylics, Watercolours, Etchings), Gallery in the Forest, Grizedale (Catalogue - text by Edward Lucie-Smith, 60 pages with 43 illustrations, 36 in colour)
An Exhibition of Acrylics, Watercolours and Etchings, Design Works, Gateshead (Catalogue - text by Mel Gooding, 60 pages with 55 illustrations, 53 in colour)
1998-99Heads, Faces and Figures, Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead and tour: Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry (Catalogue - text by Robin Gibson, 40 pages with 70 illustrations, 53 in colour)
Acrylics, Watercolours and Etchings, AdHoc Gallery, Buddle Arts Centre, North Tyneside (Catalogue - text by Norbert Lynton, 40 pages with 44 illustrations, 43 in colour)
2001Flowers in Watercolour, Gallery K, London and tour: Gallery K, Nicosia (Catalogue - text by Andrew Lambirth, 40 pages with 57 illustrations, 51 in colour)
2002Moving Figures, Bangor Museum & Art Gallery, Wales and tour: Usher Gallery, Lincoln (Catalogue - text by Judith Bumpus, 40 pages with 61 illustrations, 61 in colour)
2005In Motion, The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle upon Tyne (Catalogue - text by Elspeth Moncrieff, 40 pages with 51 illustrations, 51 in colour)
In a Movement, BIC, Sunderland (Catalogue - text by Huon Mallalieu, 48 pages with 72 illustrations, 72 in colour) Events, European Commission in the UK, London (Catalogue - text by John Russell Taylor, 40 pages with 42 illustrations, 42 in colour)
Four Nations Capitals, Northern Print, Newcastle upon Tyne (Catalogue - text by John Russell Taylor; Huon Mallalieu; Charles Saumarez Smith; Kathleen Soriano; Elspeth Bray; Frank Van den Broeck; Roger Cardinal), 48 pages with 88 colour illustrations

Selected Group Exhibitions

1980The Stone Gallery, Newcastle
1981Small Works, Newcastle Polytechnic Gallery
1982and Printmaking, Waterloo Gallery, London (Catalogue)
1983Stowells Trophy, Royal Academy of Arts, London
Northern Young Contemporaries, (awarded Granada Prize) Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester
1984Bath Festival Painting Competition
New Contemporaries, ICA, London (Catalogue)
Printmakers at the Royal College of Art, Concourse Gallery, Barbican Centre, London (Catalogue - text by William Feaver) Fresh Air, St. Paul's Gallery, Leeds
Whitworth Young Contemporaries, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester
1986Tradition and Innovation in Printmaking Today, Milton Keynes Exhibition Gallery and tour: Ferens Art Gallery, Hull; Andrew Grant Gallery, Edinburgh; Concourse Gallery, Barbican Centre, London; Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth (Catalogue)
Between Identity and Politics, A New Art, Gimpel Fils, London and tour: Darlington Arts Centre; Gimpel and Weitzenhoffer, New York (Catalogue)
Fresh Art, Concourse Gallery, Barbican Centre, London (Catalogue)
Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
Athena Art Awards, Concourse Gallery, Barbican Centre, London
Which Side of the Fence, Imperial War Museum, London
The Artistic Records Committee: A Retrospective 1972-1989, Imperial War Museum, London
1991Homage to Goya and Soldier, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford
1993The Portrait Now, National Portrait Gallery, London (Catalogue - text by Robin Gibson)
Gallery K, London (Catalogue - text by Mary Rose Beaumont)
1995Heads and Tales II, Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry
2001New Light, Peterborough Museum & Art Gallery
2001-02Green Line, Gallery K, London and tour: Gallery K, Nicosia; War Museum, Athens (Catalogue - text by Elpida Karaba)
Butterflies and Moths, Derby Museum and Art Gallery
2005-06Portrait, Alexia Goethe Gallery, London
2006Winter Exhibition, Alexia Goethe Gallery, London
2006-07Story, Alexia Goethe Gallery, London (Catalogue)
2008Mediterraneo: a Sea that Unites, Italian Cultural Institute, London (Catalogue - text by Gabriele Magnani)
What Lies Beneath: British Experiences of the Cold War, Imperial War Museum