Panayiotis Kalorkoti

RCA Portrait 1
14.8 x 9cm
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In October 1982 Panayiotis Kalorkoti started a number of sketch books at the Royal College of Art, London. Over the years the artist has done 29 sketch books: there are a total of 1783 portrait drawings all done from life.

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"There was a time when he wandered around...with two small sketch books, asking almost everyone he bumped into to draw a portrait of Kalorkoti in one of the books while he made one of his victim in the other. Almost no-one refused and the result is a valuable document of the faces of the celebrated and the unknown, from David Hockney to fellow students, who had crossed his path."


Frank Whitford, A Retrospective of Etchings and Screenprints 1978-89, exh. cat., Imperial War Museum, London, 1990.

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The are seven books done during the artist time at the Royal College of Art. The books comprise of 490 drawings of individuals which Panayiotis Kalorkoti did and includes portraits of Sir Roy Strong, Kenneth Armitage, Sir Christopher Frayling, Sir Lawrence Gowing, Peter Fuller, Sarah Kent, Norman AckroydChris Orr, Sir Robin Philipson, John Kasmin.


Three additional books consist of 192 drawings where other artists made sketches of Panayiotis Kalorkoti and he, in turn, sketched them. Some of the artists who took part in this project include David Hockney, Eduardo Paolozzi, Phillip King, Patrick Heron, Patrick Procktor, Joseph Beuys, Quentin Blake, Albert Irvin, Bryan Kneale.

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